CARB Compliant NATO Fuel Can
CARB Compliant NATO Fuel Can

CARB Compliant NATO Fuel Can

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These cans are from the Factory that has been manufacturing them for the military for over 80 years.Original Jerry cans made to the highest specs. Fully paint-coated inside and outside. Equipped with a full internal breather pipe for splash-proof pouring.

The highest quality Jerry can out there. Original Mil Spec. Approved for use in all States, (EPA and CARB approved). Each can comes with a safety spout (pour spout) attached and also has an adapter for vehicles with smaller filler receivers.

  • Manufactured from 0.9mm Cold Rolled Steel ( DC 04 EN 10130).
  • Dual pan construction. Unique wide channel breather for better smoother pouring.
  • Seam welded for extra strength.
  • Three Handle Configuration.
  • Leakproof Bayonet Closure.
  • Locking pin in cap.
  • Strengthened hinge on cap to prevent accidental bending when closing.
  • Cap designed to hold open when discharging the can.
  • Lined inside with fuel resistant Rezol enamel to prevent rusting.
  • Painted exterior epoxypolyester powder coat.
  • Holds 5 gallons.
  • The only Jerry Can like this approved and legal in all States!
  • Comes with certified pour spout