AT Overland is one of the few companies in North America offering a comprehensive Overland fitment center with expert consultation on all things Overland.

We outfit and modify vehicles, and provide truck toppers, campers, storage solutions, roof tents, heating, cooling, refrigeration and cooking accessories that were not available to the fledgling Overland community in North America when we started 20 years ago.

We work on many brands and models of vehicles: Jeep, Toyota, Land Rover, Ford, Dodge, and more.  The work we do is wide-ranging, from full conversions on USA spec and non-spec vehicles that include roof top tents, roof racks, campers, bumpers, swing-aways, sliders, armor, lights, water, storage, battery management, refrigeration etc.  to simple jobs like fitting solar controllers or trouble shooting electrical problems. We also consult with customers and expeditionary teams on vehicle builds to fit their specific needs and requirements. Our staff is well-trained for this type of work, has a broad skill set and have specialists in electronics, mechanics, fabrication, welding and cabinet making.

If you are looking for a truck topper (sits on the bedrails) or camper (slide-in or flatbed), AT is experienced in assisting customers with selection. We modify vehicles for the additional load, and fit bumpers, winches, and fuel storage for adventures from Alaska to Central America. 

AT also offers an array of quality durable accessories for your vehicle. Many of them we make ourselves like our fuel can holders, two level combo fridge/stove slide, propane brackets, and composite storage units. We are also sell premium products such as Eezi-Awn tents, National Luna fridges and electronics, Goose Gear modular systems, Maxtrax recovery boards,  just to name a few.

Our customers become our friends, so it follows that we treat everyone like family. If you have an issue, we’ll fix it, it’s that simple. It doesn’t matter if it’s an issue with one of our products or an issue we come across while we are working on your vehicle. We have helped customers in need in Bishkek, Windhoek, Kyrgyzstan, the Arctic and others simply in need of assistance on the side of Interstate Highway 17. No matter the need, we are here to serve you.

Our reputation as a friendly Overlanding expert is unparalleled.


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