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The NLDC-40 from National Luna is a DC to DC battery charger and isolator for a dual-battery system.

It will charge an auxiliary or service battery from a vehicle alternator or Solar panel up to 40A output current.

Traditional 12V and 24V vehicle alternators as well as variable voltage alternators are supported.

The integrated MPPT solar controller provides a maximum output power of 600W, but can support solar panel input wattage higher than this.  Solar panel voltages up to 42V can be connected.

The NLDC-40 features a 6-stage charge algorithm that is suitable for any Lead-Acid battery type as well as automotive Lithium-Ion batteries.

In addition to the alternator and solar inputs, the NLDC-40 features a dynamic DC power input that accepts DC voltages from 11V to 32V.  An advanced load-response algorithm is used to support DC sources with variable power levels.  This allows alternative energy sources such as AC-DC power supplies, wind generators, or DC generators to be used.

The NLDC-40 will automatically switch between the input sources based on source availability.

3 safety stages analyze the battery and can detect batteries that are damaged and unable to accept charge.

Temperature compensation is used to optimize the output voltage, ensuring safe and full battery charging under various conditions.

The NLDC-40 supports the connection of a remote monitor that displays information about the system and battery levels to the user on a high-contrast LCD screen.

The NLDC-40 has a IP67 rating for harsh environments and is protected against reverse-polarity, over-voltage, over-temperature and over-current conditions.

25A DC-DC Specifications

  • Unit: 6.25”w x 6”H x 2”D
  • Unit Mounting Holes: 4.25”W x 7.70”H
  • SKU: BMS-30400 (NLDC-40 only), BMS-30401 (NLDC-40 and NLDC-M2 Monitor)