Eezi-Awn  Fridge Shuttle

Eezi-Awn Fridge Shuttle

Regular price $375.00

Eezi-Awn created a high-quality, lightweight Aluminum fridge slide with a double-roller bearing, Lock-Out slide action. The roller bearings are located underneath the top tray, making the Shuttle one of the lowest profile fridges slides on the market.  It's aluminum construction makes it one of the lightest weight slides as well.  The Shuttle is under 20 pounds. Half the weight of some slides on the market today.  The top tray is completely flat on top, instead of a recessed tray between two drawer slides.  It includes tie-down straps and multiple attachment points for additional security.
The Shuttle will hold most fridges 52 Liters and smaller.

Includes two tie-down straps. An optional National Luna mounting kit is available.
Outside Dimension: 
15.75" W x 29.5" L (29"L with Latch)
Added height to fridge:  1" to overall height when stowed
Weight: 20 lbs
Color: Black Powder Coat