Accessories: AT Overland Rig Walk-around Overview Video


Here’s a summary of what we cover in this AT Overland rig walk-around overview video: 

Once you’ve chosen your AT Overland truck topper, whether it’s a Summit™, a Habitat™, or an Atlas™, you might start thinking about how to accessorize it so it works exactly like you want it to. 

What Comes Standard

Every AT Overland topper comes standard with certain features such as clear coated aluminum exterior finish, extra-durable honeycomb composite construction, LED lighting, USB and 12V power ports. Every tent is made with compliant fire resistant and waterproof fabric. Each topper bed includes a comfy two-inch-thick dense foam mattress and opening and closing your truck topper is as easy as 1-2-3.

Options are available

We offer a variety of options that enable you to personalize your topper for an experience as unique as you are. Watch our video to learn more about them to make your topper one sweet ride!

What is the Warranty?

Our toppers are carefully built to high standards by our skilled team. We warranty the components we make for 10 years. We also select our parts & component suppliers carefully; their products carry their own manufacturers’ warranty. If you do something silly beyond normal wear & tear like run into a tree or cut your tent with a chainsaw, well that’s on you but we’ll be happy to hear the story and do our best to help you out.