Portable Furnace DIY Kit (Heatsource HS2000)
Portable Furnace DIY Kit (Heatsource HS2000)
Portable Furnace DIY Kit (Heatsource HS2000)
Portable Furnace DIY Kit (Heatsource HS2000)

Portable Furnace DIY Kit (Heatsource HS2000)

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The AT Portable Heater DIY Kit contains all the parts needed to make the portable heater (silicon for sealing needs to be supplied by the buyer), along with instructions for assembly.

The heater is a self contained unit housed in a custom made aluminum box. The heater can be used to heat ground tents, roof tents, RV's, vans, or truck beds. To get the unit running all it needs is a 12 volt source, propane, and a good air flow.

The portable unit comes with 5 feet of UV stable, "harsh environment" flex ducting to direct hot air from the furnace into your tent. The intake air can either be drawn into the furnace from the outside, or add another section of flex duct and drawn the return air from the tent for more efficient heating.

The fresh air intake and the exhaust, for the combustion chamber, are located on opposite ends of the box to avoid cross contamination.

Propane is attached to the unit via a fast disconnect fitting with a built in one way valve.

The 12 volt supply for the furnace is hooked up via a marine grade 12 volt socket. The electrical wire, provided, has two marine grade plugs on either end, one to connect to the 12 volt supply and the other to the furnace.

The furnace will work down to a voltage of 10 volts.

The thermostat runs from the furnace to the tent, allowing remote control over the furnace from inside the tent.

The 12 volt cable, propane hose, two stage regulator, the thermostat and wire all fit inside the box for transportation.

It's a compact light weight solution to cold weather camping, or just taking the chill off the air before you go to bed or get up in the morning. Cold in the middle of the night? Just turn the dial up on the thermostat.

The Portable Heater is designed to used outside. As the outer box has access holes it's best to locate the heater in an area out of the direct path of rain, sleet, and snow.

22.5" L x 8.5" W x 10" H (572 mm L x 216mm W x 254 mm H)
22 lbs / 10 kg

Three week lead time on this item.