Standard Furnace Kit (Heatsource HS2000)

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The standard furnace package is designed for an installation in an RV, van, AT Habitat, or in the bed of a truck under a camper shell. The Installation must be in a weatherproof environment.

The kit is comprehensive for most installations, all you would need some extra plumbing fixtures for the propane hook up, a two stage regulator, and a 12 volt supply to get the system up and running. The air intake and exhaust, for the combustion chamber, needs to be routed to the exterior of the vehicle. The work is within the reach of the DIY enthusiast, if you'd prefer have one of our technicians take care of it for you.

Three week lead time on this item.


Heat Output: 6483 BTU per hour
Current Consumption: 1.4 amps during fan usage
Air Flow 60 C.F.M.
Size 12.6" long x 6.8" wide x 3.9" tall