Fast Disconnect External Shower

Fast Disconnect External Shower

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An externally mounted shower unit. A great water source for the kitchen.

The fitting has a clean looking appearance, it's low profile and the cover seals to keep out dust and moisture.

The hose snaps into the fitting and is rotated to get the required water temperature.

The External shower kit includes:

Shower head and hose
Mixer valve
Mounting assembly

The shower unit is fitted with Whale fast disconnect fittings. We sell adapters from the fast disconnect system to a barbed fitting for standard hose, or a complete Whale fast disconnect system. To put a kit together for you we would need a schematic of your plumbing system, or discuss it with you on the phone.

If you require just the barb fittings please contact our office as these items are sold seperately.

If you want a full Whale fast disconnect to go along with the pump please call us for more information.

Water storage, pump, and water heater are available through AT.

For a pictorial display of how this unit works click here.

 Currently only available in gray.

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