The Chaser

Expedition Trailer

AT Overland manufactures an expedition-worthy overland trailer: The Chaser.

Our trailer is compact, tough, and well equipped. Our off-road trailer opens and packs away easily. It is reliable and durable; ideal to accompany you on any adventure or overland expedition.

The beauty of the trailer is that once the camping trip is over you can leave the trailer fully packed, ready to go for the next trip. It does away with the time-consuming chore of packing and unpacking your vehicle. Most people find themselves getting away a lot more often when travel is made this easy. 

The Chaser trailer is a traditional expedition trailer with steel main boxes, roof racks and Roof Top Tents.

The Chaser is comprised of a single main box. The simple design can be enhanced with a kitchen on the side of the trailer, a fridge is mounted inside the main box, and an awning set- up on the side.

Our trailer utilizes AT’s proprietary TAAS suspension system and heavy-duty expedition chassis.

Want to know more?

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