FWC Exterior and Siding Options

The flexible “pop-up” material on Four Wheel Campers is a closely fitted tent like skin made of tough vinyl coated synthetic material, very much like the material used in construction of Zodiac inflatable boats and river rafts (air tight & water proof). Four windows, each with bug screen, a clear window, and privacy panel, provide excellent light and ventilation, but are also completely weather tight to keep the rain out.

The exterior of the camper is sided with interlocking sheet aluminum panels, ensuring lightweight flexibility and exceptional durability. Since many Four Wheel users really do travel off-road, the concept of the flexible frame and siding makes long term durability realistic. For customers that might prefer a different style of exterior camper siding, we now offer an optional smooth fiberglass siding on most models.

Only superior quality sealants are used to weatherproof the camper. Ten years ago, silicone caulk was quite common, but now no silicone is used for exterior applications. Modern hybrid and urethane sealants, such as the Silaprene developed for the automotive industry, have taken the place of products that deteriorate over a relatively short period of time.

European plastic windows are quite stylish and found on many upscale campers, but Four Wheel Campers prefers to use tempered glass in aluminum frames. Plastic windows can scratch very easily, and where many of our campers spend much of their quality time, it just isn’t a realistic consideration for owners to be buffing out scratches and re-applying protective films.

Four Wheel Campers are available in a variety of exterior siding colors and textures. Mesa White Aluminum Siding is standard and is included with the base model pricing. We also have several upgrade choices and colors available for an additional price. Below are just some of the samples of what the different colors look like. Please keep in mind that camper siding options and window configurations vary depending on the camper ordered and the floor plan choice.