National Luna Portable Power Pack
National Luna Portable Power Pack

National Luna Portable Power Pack

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PLEASE BE ADVISED that this item works seamlessly with the National Luna Dual Battery Controller, but is NOT compatible with the National Luna Dual Battery Monitor.

• USB Charge Ports
• Additional DC Output
• National Luna 5 Charger Input

The National Luna Portable Power Pack is a removable, compact battery box with built-in split-charge isolator that can be used as a standby power pack for 12-volt appliances. This pack is ideal for modern vehicles that cannot accommodate a second battery in the engine compartment. It features fused accessory plugs, a polarized high-power plug, and a built-in battery monitor with low-battery and over-charge warnings. The built-in plugs can be used for low-power accessories such as refrigerators, pumps, compressors, lights, or other 12-volt electronic devices. The high-current input-output can be used for higher power requirements, such as invertors or battery chargers. The built-in split-charge isolator is fully automatic and does not require additional hardware in the application vehicle. You do not need to purchase a separate Cable Kit; it is already included.

We highly recommend adding a Dual Battery Controller to any purchase of a Portable Power Pack. It is an optional accessory (sold separately) that mounts to your dashboard to show the charge and storage status of your Portable Power Pack. The Dual Battery Controller also features an override option if an AUX battery is needed for restarting purposes.

National Luna Portable Power Pack Features
• Simple Installation
• Removable & Portable
• Built-In Battery Monitor & Input Voltage Monitor
• Slide-Lock Lid
• Bolt-Down or Strap-Down Design
• Can Accommodate Standard Automotive Battery Types
• Fuse-Protected Plugs & Connections
• Fully-Automatic Split-Charge Isolator
• 3-Year Comprehensive Warranty
• Additional Battery Terminals & Hardware Supplied
• Additional Cables, Hardware, & Monitors Sold Separately 

Dimensions: 20" L x 10" W x 12" H | 500mm L x 250mm W x 300mm H
Weight (Excluding Battery & Cables): 12 lbs | 5.5 kg
Split-Charge Input: 50 amp Red Anderson Charge Input
Coupler: 50 amp Grey Anderson Input-Output Coupler (60A Fused)
Connectors: Hella Style Output (15A fused)
Remote Port: Suits Removable Data Cable for Dual Battery Controller
Battery Monitors (Built-In): 14-Stage Auxiliary Monitor (11.4V - 14.2V) & 7-Stage Input Voltage Monitor (12.6V - 14.2V)
Power Supply: 8Vdc - 15Vdc (Display Range Only : 11.4V - 14.2V)
Power Consumption (Average): 60mA (On Standby)
Power Consumption (Max): 780mA (When Solenoid Is Engaged)
Switched Current (Continuous): 85 amp
Switched Current (Peak): 400 amp
Cables: (1) 23' Red + (1) 23' Black with Connector