AT Can Holder (CARB style)

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AT uses 0.125” thick, The redesigned holder is clear coated and made from plates that are riveted together, they have an industrial look to them. These strong and functional each unit weighs 6 lbs.

The holder has built in attachment points so it can be mounted in any variety of positions, apart from upside down.

Holder dimensions: 19.875" x 14.75" x 7.375" (505mm x 375mm x 187mm)

CARB 1 cans have a flat screw on cap, as seen in the picture below, and the spout is seperate from the can.

One strap is included when ordering a can holder.


CARB 2 cans have the spout inside the cap, and a small raised portion in the center of the cap, as seen in the picture below.


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