Four Wheel Campers

Four Wheel Campers


Four Wheel Campers observe three basic principles:  Light Weight, Simplicity, & Durability

The aluminum framing and skin keeps the camper light and durable. The understated cabinetry, made of mahogany plywood, provides lightweight simplicity and a greater feeling of spaciousness in a very compact living space. Decorative design elements are kept to an absolute minimum to reduce weight and increase durability. Four Wheel Campers embrace the ability to literally go camping in comfort anywhere your truck can go safely and with relative ease. We have personally taken this vehicle through the beautiful roads of France, and found that this particular camper is amazing for Camping holidays in France.

Build a very strong, cage like aluminum frame fabricated from aluminum tube and extruded channel. Much like an airplane frame it has the ability to flex, providing greater strength and durability, provide longer life, and the ability to handle the torque experienced on mountain and desert roads. Optimum off road capability demands the lowest center of gravity. The minimal height over the cab of the truck is essential, and as much weight as possible is on the floor of the camper.

With six different models, the GrandbyHawk, and Raven for full size trucks and the FleetSwift for Mid and Mini trucks. The Shell Model is offered in all styles.  A quick look at the fitment guide or the individual models will let you know which models will work with your truck. Don’t forget to take a look at the Flatbed camper it might really fit your needs.

AT Overland has been in the Overland business for over 12 years, and during this period we have forged strong ties with Four Wheel Campers. We recognize a fellow business who appreciate great design, durable fabrication, and understand the needs of their customers. AT Overland offers customers who wish to purchase a Four Wheel Camper through our company a wealth of experience when it comes to matching customers to specific campers and options, vehicle modifications, custom modifications and accessories.

The Flatbed Camper is a product AT Overland has worked with Four Wheel Camper on is something of our speciality.  AT Overland offers vehicle modification, flat bed installation, suspension upgrades, custom under chassis storage, and many other modifications for the world traveler. For expert advice give us a call.

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